Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not offended by The Jeselnik Offensive

Saw the first few episodes of The Jeselnik Offensive, and well... there's a reason why it's The Jeselnik OFFENSIVE, because nothing seems to be off limits to the guy. AIDS, cancer, necrophilia... the list of "oh-oh!" topics are at least a mile long and he's touched on most of them. All because of that freedom of speech thing. It must be great to be American :P

The show's format is still okay, I guess, but to me, running a little similar to Brand X with Russell Brand and Kathy Griffin's show, both of those supposedly "live". But that's for another time.

I've seen and heard other things over the years that offended me more than anything that's ever been said on the show, so I still find it pretty entertaining. Jeselnik saying those things himself is one thing, but having other comedians come on the show (as part of the "panel"; kinda wish he stop saying the word "panel" so much :P) and say stuff the rest of us are thinking? Wow.

So if you're easily offended... don't watch this. Find something else to watch. The title of the show is self-explanatory.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fashion Star is back!

Fashion Star is back on NBC with some tweaks, namely the host swap out (from Elle Macpherson to Louise Roe), Express replacing H&M as one of the retail buyers and also the format (designers handpicked by the mentors to be in their "teams", yada yada). Not to mention the way bigger and posher runway - they got money now...

I've only ever seen Louise Roe from her guest stints on Fashion Police, but I think she'll be fine.

I personally am not familiar with Express, but it's similar (enough?) to H&M, yes? Can't even access the site right now - either it's overloaded or it got hacked :P

I forgot how much fun watching this show is; mostly because the clothes that come down this runway is meant to be accessible to the hoi polloi and trying to be avant garde at the same time. It's too bad I watch alone or else I'd make a drinking game out of whether any of them get bought (at all), or by whom. 

I've come to realise that it's not hard to tell which items might appeal to which store (which might be what the designers intended, maybe...?) - Saks tend to go with the expensive-looking items, Express the accessible ones and Macy's... a toss up between the two poles.

Because I'm such a sucker, I'll keep tuning in.