Thursday, June 13, 2013

King & Maxwell

When they announced the show King & Maxwell last year, which is a TV adaptation of David Baldacci's King & Maxwell series of books, which are about two former Secret Service agents turned PIs, I wasn't against it or anything. What raised my eyebrow was Jon Tenney being Sean King. If you're a fan of The Closer and Major Crimes, you know that he plays FBI agent/Brenda's husband Fritz Howard. Him playing another character on a different show on the same network was going to take some getting used to.

I personally didn't know about the books and I don't think I want to go delve into the source material now. It's created by current NCIS: LA showrunner and former producer of NCIS, Shane Brennan.

Having already seen the pilot, my first impression so far that it's a cross between Warehouse 13 and Moonlighting. So while I see why people say it's like Bones and Castle, but that's not quite how I see it; they're not strictly about PIs - they're with cops and federal agents.

The pilot is not bad, but it's not mind blowingly great. What I did like was the proper-length animated opening sequence tells the individual story of how they got to be PIs, but not so much how they met since they weren't in the Service at the same time. But I'm hoping it'll get better with time. I also read that Rebecca Romijn's husband Jerry O' Connell would be making an appearance on the show later.

What is anyone else's thoughts on the show (if you've seen the pilot)?