Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things I Will Miss About The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Inspired from this GIF-laden Buzzfeed listicle, 23 Reasons Craig Ferguson Is The Best Host Of "The Late Late Show", but from perspective of a (really) long time viewer of the show, and I can't be arsed to add the GIFs and images. 
  1. Oh how I miss the puppets. You can relive those moments cos you can get them here :P
  2. His hilarious impersonations: Michael Caine in Space, Sean Connery, JK Rowling (which I'm glad he hasn't done since he claims to be a fan of the Harry Potter series), Aquaman, and of course... Prince Charles
  3. The old man rants, especially about the show's presumed low budget, crappy old studio (which leaked).
  4. For such a "low budget" show, they sure got a lot of money to do a week's worth of shows in places like Scotland and France :P
  5. The numerous catchphrases: "It's a great day for America", ASS MÖDE... long list.
  6. When Secretariat only danced in and out of studio... and the audience doing the dance along with Craig. 
  7. The musical cold opens, half of which I'm surprised that they got rights to.
  8. The cray cray "maps
  9. The drinking game would kill you, if you actually play it... or drink something light, like Shandy :P
Anything I'm leaving out? Let me know in the comments.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds? Really?!

Well, they found another brunette to fill the missing brunette hole on Criminal Minds after the departure of other brunettes before her in the long running show. 

The announcement made about Jennifer Love Hewitt joining Criminal Minds as a series regular in the upcoming season certainly made a lot of waves, especially among the CM fanbase. Perhaps it was just me. There'll be a whole load of jokes of talking to ghosts and happy ending massages amongst fans for sure. But I'll refrain from making those myself. I don't know how she will be, as part of a huge cast, after being the lead on Ghost Whisperer and The Client List. The last ensemble role anyone could remember her in was Party of Five

According to the news outlets, her character is Kate Callahan, a "seasoned undercover agent whose work landed her a position with the BAU". 

Here is my question as a fan of the show: If her character is a longtime undercover agent, so unless they release the part where it says that she's also did some profiling or just really astute about human psychology, she'll be joining the BAU in what capacity? 

Like the changing of colours in the fall, I can't wait to see the change in the huge cast photo at the end of the opening sequence in the new season.