Saturday, November 15, 2014

Adios, Perception - It's Been Fun

Perception (2012 TV series)
Perception (2012 TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
First Franklin and Bash got the axe, now it's Perception's turn on the chopping block

I liked it just fine, but not enough of a rabid fan to go all cray cray about this. At least it's not an abrupt cut - we'll still get the end of the current third season. It's just not getting renewed for the fourth season.

If nothing else, it's one less show to watch...? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adios, Franklin & Bash

As quickly and as brief the seasons have been, TNT has finally pulled the plug on Franklin & Bash. And because it didn't make the magical syndication number with just 40 episodes, it might be forgotten with the passing of time. 

I can't be the only one that didn't find this past season a little weird - that the firm is now Infeld/Daniels/Franklin & Bash, the absences of characters from previous seasons (Carmen, Pindar, and the ladies brought in to play the senior partners over its relatively short run). Well okay, I did enjoy their new PI Dan Mundy. 

I suppose it's just as well that we'll never find out if Stanton did die from those fish crackers or if Franklin & Bash will take that new job in Austin. 

Deep, deep down I'm hoping that it goes to another network; but if that doesn't happen, then c'est la vie. It has been fun.