Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thoughts while watching the recent Golden Globes

  • The only way you get the references in Tina and Amy's monologue is if you paid attention to the news or the Internet for the last couple of weeks. They may be timely, but I don't know about classic.
  • There was no way Coldplay would beat U2 for the category they were nominated in. I'm a Coldplay fan, but I'm also a realist. But it explains why Chris Martin was there as he doesn't normally appear with the wife in public.. 
  • There's also no way that Cate Blanchett looks like that with just SK-II... is she still the global ambassador? 
  • All the pregnant ladies this year. Not that there weren't any in previous years, I'm just saying.
  • Props to Emma Thompson for not giving a damn. 
  • No idea why Kate Beckinsale was presenting with Diddy and Usher. Anyone?
  • Michael Sheen and his kid - so cute. Too bad Masters of Sex didn't win any awards that night.
  • Was kind of hoping James Spader won his category for The Blacklist, just to see if he would show up, let alone say anything. 
  • Wasn't there a few times where there were MISTER Golden Globe or something? Had to like how Kevin and Kyra introduced their daughter Sosie as the year's Miss Golden Globe. Didn't need the Tina and Amy sketch that time. 
  • Fallon and McCarthy bit? Not funny.
  • The vagina joke was hilarious. 

About the Project Runway All Stars finale...

Was I the only one that's a tad disgruntled that Seth Aaron won AGAIN?! Poor Korto - runner up AGAIN.

Project Runway's been on the air so long they definitely have a large enough pool of contestants for more All Stars seasons, if not at least a couple more. 

I do wonder if they'll stick to Alyssa as host next season or if they'll draw another name out of the velvet button bag.. LOL

If that happens... they need more Swatch (Mood Fabric's store dog), like STAT.