Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jennifer Esposito leaving NCIS

Unlike Criminal Minds, news of cast departures on NCIS are few and far in between.

So the announcement that Jennifer Esposito won't be returning in the coming season left me feeling like..


Not surprised, since they conveniently wrote and shot last season's finale in such a way that there's more than one way for her to plausibly leave Gibbs's team in the coming season. If nothing else, her character was pretty hilarious: I still haven't forgotten how she would rather run back to the car to chase someone than to do any actual running. 😁😂

Criminal Minds Annual Cast Changes

At this point in the year, news of cast changes in the Criminal Minds lineup is to be expected. 

So who's in and who's out this year? 

Well, Damon Gupton is out of the coming season, which apparently was a "network decision". I'm not complaining, because the guy's character didn't add much to the show. He won't be hard to write out if they resolve Mr Scratch quickly. 

And they decided to rescue (?) Daniel Henney from the now-cancelled, much maligned (especially in Singapore) Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders to join the mothership show. My guess is that they need a Pan Asian for the diversity quota (besides Aisha Tyler and Adam Rodriguez, that show is also mostly consist of white people; I don't think there's ever been a regular cast member of Asian descent on that show). I'm also guessing that they're hoping the Henney fanbase will also follow. I have my guesses as to how he'll join the BAU fold, but I'm sure they'll come up with some mildly plausible way to write him in. 

Also in are AJ Cook and Kirsten Vangsness who got their salary parity with both MGG and Mantegna (🎉🎆). Those two are gonna be interesting to write out if the negotations didn't work out. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Watching Queer Eye in 2017

When a Netflix revival of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was announced a few weeks ago, I had the same thoughts most people had, like...

  • Who's gonna be the new Fab Five? Because those guys are busy these days, especially Ted Allen. 
  • How much retooling is gonna be done to the show's format? 
Anyway, someone on YouTube uploaded episodes of the old show into a convenient playlist and I've been watching the odd episode or two when I felt like it for the last week or two. When the show first came out (haha) I was about college age, but there's some things then that when I watch the show now, made me go, "so THAT'S where I got that idea from...". 

Here's some thoughts I had watching the first season of Queer Eye in 2017...
  • The opening credits are cheesy then, is still cheesy now.
  • Why are they always running to the guy's front door? Have to give props to Ted for keeping up with the young 'uns, haha.
  • This show predates the show Hoarders.
  • Seriously, there's no way Thom did those guys' houses all by himself, and certainly not in a few days they had. Particularly the decluttering and purging stage. It's just as well that it's not always Thom doing the purging bit.
  • Now wonder the black guy got the can. 
  • Kyan has a real plum job: not only accompanying the straight guys to the massages, but also joining in on the fun as well. Must be nice, getting paid to get a massage on camera. 
  • OMG Ted Allen still looks the same now as he did in the early 2000s... 😲
Some of the tips and tricks held up over time, others didn't... like Von Dutch. 

I don't know when the revival is coming out, but I'll watch it for nostalgia's sake.