Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Face on Oxygen

This is based on me having seen the first two proper episodes of The Face. Don't ask me how since I don't get the Oxygen network.

Heard about The Face awhile ago on Fashion Police, and it's finally started on the Oxygen channel.

I appreciate that they didn't have whole episodes dedicated to the audition process - instead it was a quick cut of who the coaches (Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova) picked to be on their teams. I didn't know that anyone on the planet can apply, which is a refreshing change. Neither did I know that Nigel Barker would be hosting this show as his post-ANTM gig. Good on him - haven't seen a decent male host a reality competition show in a while... okay, besides Colby Donaldson on Top Shot.

The format is (fortunately) is not too similar to shows of its ilk: the individual Test Shot challenges are conducted by one of the three coaches in their respective "specialties" (Coco's posing lesson; Naomi's styling class). At least the team challenges are actual shoots for actual brands.

I don't know how objective the supermodel coaches are gonna be on this show because they seem to be taking it personally when they have to send one of their own to be eliminated by the winning coach of the week's team challenges. Naomi keeping the less experienced contestant over the more experienced one (who's one of Karolina's team members) just seem like she's getting her revenge after having one of hers cut by Karolina in the previous episode. 

Luckily it's a limited engagement (8 episodes long), so it won't be so drawn out or all crazy like on ANTM.

Random thoughts:
  • It's so weird to hear the phrase "Team Coco" when it's got nothing to do with Conan O' Brien :D Also, she's only 24 and has been modelling for 10 years? Oy vey :P
  • Ulta Beauty? Really? I've probably come across the name in passing, but really?! They got to start someplace, I suppose...
  • Margaux? Really? Huh...