Monday, July 22, 2013

Random thoughts - Project Runway Season 12

Season 12 of Project Runway starts this week - is anyone still watching?
  • Puppies falling from the sky?! Is that guy dumb or what?
  • Guy who won the week's unconventional material challenge reminds me of Kiefer Sutherland - if he was a bearded ginger :P
  • There's something a little wrong with the Russian dude. Okay, him and the guy from Wisconsin. 
  • Guy from Wisconsin needs to just get off the TV screen already.
  • Sustainability? Really?
  • I feel bad for the guy's poor model - no shoes, hair or makeup. Don't blame her for crying.
  • Either the judges closed one eye/did not notice about the vagina flash on the runway, or anything they said about it got cut out. I say it's the latter.
  • No complaints about the new rules they've implemented this season. 
  • I like how Tim is more involved besides mentoring - he now gets a front row seat to the runway shows instead of being (I imagine) backstage. How can you hate on the Tim Gunn Save? Really?!