Thursday, May 1, 2014

New CSI spinoff

I remembered reading awhile back that the CSI producers were attempting to launch another spinoff (after the cancellation of both CSI: Miami and CSI: NY) and who was going to be in it, but I had probably glossed over when the backdoor pilot was actually airing. 

So it was an interesting surprise to see Patricia Arquette show up as FBI cyber psychologist Agent Avery Ryan. Like a lot of backdoor pilots, they show us what she does, her team (which, if picked up, have no idea will be the same people or if recasting will happen), and her methods. I'm not sure if the monologue she did about what she does was necessary, but I'll let it slide. And also don't get me started on the jurisdiction issues. 

If the show gets picked up, it'll be a first for the CSI franchise to have a lady at the helm and for a show not to be about forensics, but cybercrimes. 

Which begs the questions: Will this or the NCIS New Orleans spinoff ever get picked up? Or even both?