Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Farewell, Late Night Douche

The news some of us have dreaded has come to pass: Craig Ferguson stepping down as host of The Late Late Show after 10 years. Am I sad? Yes. Only read the headlines in the morning and had not seen the show yet, but watching the actual on-air announcement doesn't lessen the sting.

To be fair, his recent 2 year contract extension is almost up and he (probably) decided not to renew. I really didn't think his decision to step down was because he didn't get The Late Show (he's getting paid for not being picked) as his schtick and material probably won't pass muster at 11.30 anyway. And if you watch the show long enough, you can sort of tell that he really doesn't give a shit even more than usual in the last few years anyway, even with the move to the new studio and little upgrades like a podium for Geoff and a stable for the fake horse. I suppose after over 10 years of shit happening to you on air (the leaky roof, no lights, not being able to air the Doctor Who cold open live, etc), enough is enough.

And it's not like he's dying or anything, but he does have other projects to focus on. Celebrity Name Game, anyone?

If it's any consolation, we have until December (and not til summer, as initially rumoured) to savour what's left of the late night douche, so.. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Questions about the Colbert Transition to The Late Show

So Letterman announced his retirement a week ago (which really was just a matter of time), and after many articles and listicles as to who would take over, they announced the successor to The Late Show, and yes, it's yet another middle-aged white guy. If you thought it wouldn't be the case, you were sadly mistaken. Even I knew that wouldn't be the case.

(To anyone who put Seth Meyers on their list - what the fuck. Dude's still cutting his teeth on NBC, he wouldn't jump ship so soon!)

Of course to some people, it would've been obvious for Craig to move up an hour, but no Prince of Wales clause (term I saw someplace) for him. But with his contract ending pretty soon, fans like myself should wonder/worry if he would renew or leave.

But good on Stephen Colbert. Really. From basic cable to a major network? Major coup for him and CBS. As someone who saw The Colbert Report the same fall it went on the air all those years ago (almost 10 years - woah!) as a transfer student in America. So yes, I have sentimental value for The Colbert Report

Although Vulture came up with some pretty good questions about the transition here, I also have my own (which everyone else must be wondering): 
  1. Will he be Stephen Colbert or "Stephen Colbert", the character he's been playing on TV for almost a decade now? 
  2. Will he have to rejig The Late Show to his liking, or will he get some of his bits or segments from The Report?
  3. While this means that he wouldn't have to move too far, would he be staying put in his current studio, or would he be based in the Ed Sullivan Theater?
  4. Band or no band? He's been, for the most part, a one-man show over on Comedy Central. Or maybe, like Craig, go bandless? Or will he "inherit" Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra (that is, if they stayed put)?
  5. What will happen to the people who are currently working on The Late Show? Will Colbert be bringing his crew over? 
  6. Who's taking over Colbert's slot on Comedy Central? Because I don't think you can move The Daily Show up half hour..