Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thoughts about the Oscars

  • Saw a bit of both E!'s and also ABC's coverage of the red carpet. Definitely waited for Seacrest's "ashing" by Sacha Baron Cohen. How hard can it be to remove ash from a tux we never found out because Seacrest definitely changed into another tux during a commercial break. 
  • Billy Crystal was okay for a last minute replacement. Now I have to find his musical number online because I missed the second half.
  • Cracked up when the winners of the category Angelina Jolie presented also stuck their right legs out like she did while she was presenting moments before. I hope it doesn't become a weird meme... or a Tumblr blog. (Too late - found a Twitter account)
  • While it's sad that Deathly Hallows Part 2 did not win anything on its last legs, but as long as the Twilight movies aren't nominated AT ALL, I can live with that. 
  • At the risk of sounding crass, but I wish I did not have to hear covers of What a Wonderful World or Somewhere Over the Rainbow particularly during the In Memoriam montage at award shows.
  • Nothing against the winners, especially The Artist, Ms Meryl Streep and Christopher Plummer
  • I only got Best Makeup right when I said The Iron Lady would take it. 
  • Wasn't surprised The Artist won Best Picture - I've been hearing buzz about it for months now. Is it weird that I want to see it now for the dog?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Paget Brewster off Criminal Minds... for real

English: Emily Prentiss played by Paget Brewster
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Or rather, she's not renewing her contract with the show, which will (inevitably) be picked up for another season. I hope her character doesn't actually get killed off, but I do wonder how she'll get written off. It can't be that hard - between the entire BAU unit, they've enough PTSD to go around  and leave en masse :P

I don't understand the overreaction of the fans with regards to the lineup change - it's not the first time it's happened. THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Deal with it, it's only a TV show. In case you can't tell, I am pretty blase about it. 

Word is still out on whether Matthew Gray Gubler will be returning next season.

I can't wait to see the cast picture they flash in the end of the opening montage next season... 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finally - the end of House MD is upon us!

Here for the details.

It's getting to the point where it's painful to watch the show (well okay, it has been that way for the last few seasons now). I've always said that it should've ended sooner. I'm just glad they're not going another season.

Now everyone will want to know how the show will end. As always, I'm hoping for a not-shitty ending. But I wonder if Stephen Fry could drop in...

Oh well - drop your ideas :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Napoleon Dynamite's back... in cartoon form

Napoleon Dynamite (TV series)
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Does anyone still have a "Vote for Pedro" tee shirt anymore, or have they been turned to dish rags by now?

That's what I was thinking watching the first few episodes of Napoleon Dynamite, the animated series on FOX. Like FOX needs another animated series in its roster. 

It's been compared to King of the Hill, which I can't vouch for because I will admit that I have never seen it nor am I likely to now. 

I only saw the movie on TV about a year or two after it's been out in cinemas and have not sat through it since, so I'm not one to remember the movie's nuances. Everyone is back (in voice, thankfully), and then some new characters for the show. Which is just as well because I am not the only one who wants to see Jon Heder in his Napoleon getup so long after the fact. Or even the guy that played Pedro be Pedro again in person.

For all the grief I'm giving this show, it has its funny moments, like how Napoleon finally gets to meet his dream animal the liger and crushed when he sees the very domesticated and docile ligers in a compound.

I'm not sure how long the show will run for (probably not very), but I'll be along for the ride.