Wednesday, March 31, 2010

24 is coming to an end - yay

In case no one else has heard, 24 is calling it quits after eight seasons and nine years later. Thank goodness.

Much as I like the "real time" concept of the show, but I could never get into it because of the sheer un-realness about it - how can a guy like Jack Bauer go through "the longest day of his life" without a meal or toilet break? Yes, I do think of things like that. That, and Kiefer Sutherland doesn't really do it for me; I watch his dad on other (shortlived) shows more than I ever have seen 24.

If nothing else, fans will have the movie to look forward to and fans can watch all 8 seasons in a marathon, which would be how I'd do it if I was actually a fan.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ugly Americans

So I caught the pilot of the brand new animated Comedy Central series, Ugly Americans.

The show so far is about an alternate reality Manhattan that not only occupied by humans, but also other creatures like demons, zombies and aliens from other planets.

The focus of the show is Mark Lilly, a social worker with the Department of Integration, who's job is to help both humans and "other creatures" adapt to New York life. He's got a zombie roommate and a on-off demon girlfriend/boss.

What I liked about the pilot -
  • Hell is another borough in New York. LOL-ed at "La Burnadine". Didn't see the hell version of Eric Ripert, though...
  • Like the animation style it's got going.
  • The lame-ass visual jokes, particularly with the zombie roommate.
Not sure how long it'll keep going, but I'll keep watching until it doesn't because it's not South Park.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What I Like about The Good Wife so far

The Good WifeImage via Wikipedia

Been watching The Good Wife on Hallmark Channel, which was fine by me cos it's that or I wait to watch the whole season during the summer months.
The show is loosely based on the those American politician sex scandals: that about a wife of a disgraced civil servant (in this case - a State's Attorney) who has to go back to work while the husband is in jail to provide for their two kids. While it's not quite the David E. Kelley courtroom dramas that I've gotten used to, but one doesn't watch The Good Wife for the courtroom action, but what happens outside court.

That said, here's what I like about The Good Wife
  • It's nice to watch Julianna Margulies post-ER and Chris Noth post-Law and Order and Sex in the City.
  • Josh Charles - always a good reason, haha.
  • The non courtroom drama - the kids hiding the photos and DVDs from their mother, etc etc.
My only snag about the show is that the show is set in Chicago, but filmed in New York. Wherever they're doing the outdoor shots... hello, Chicago is called the Windy City - where's the wind? Chicago winds are pretty blatant whenever Guiliana Rancic does her part of E! News by the Chicago River, but whenever the characters are outdoors, there's no gust of wind. What gives? The 'burbs no wind is it?

That side, it's not gonna stop me from watching the show. Can't wait to see Alan Cumming in the coming episodes.
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

More ANTM... yay

Another ridonkulous season of America's Next Top Model has started.

Yes, it's campy as usual - Tyra's gimmick this year is her social networking ripoff, MyFiercePage. Was hoping that it'd be Chatroulette, but I kid.

How the heck they picked two girls who got knocked up their first time, another born into a cult... they sure picked people with the more "interesting" backstories, or the outright, batshit crazy ones.
  • What the heck is with the arm over the head posing? I'm sure there are other ways you can position the arms in a photoshoot.
  • Tears during the makeover?- check.

  • Didn't need to see Ms J shave the new girl's 'pits. Seriously.

  • Don't mind the "twists" that they threw in this round - adding the final contestant to the mix at Madame Tussauds New York with Perez Hilton?

  • If you've at least made it to semi finals before, Tyra will pick you in the season's cast - For example, Angelea.

  • Trust fund babies will not get far, even if your godmother is Cybil Shepard.

  • First photoshoot of the season, which happens to be a nude photoshoot next week - check. Always fun to see who balks.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia finale

Waited one and a half hours for the so-called live broadcast of the Biggest Loser Asia season finale on the Hallmark Channel, which took place right here in Malaysia last night. (Word was it got delayed that long was because of blackout in the studio, or something to that effect). So the finale was in essence, pre-taped. That was the first downer. I guess it's a good thing that I never got tickets to see it in person :P

I also didn't expect the show to be 2 hours long, which is stupid in retrospect (as the American ones are about as long), but still.

Sarimah introduced the former contestants, who have been pimped up good for the finale. They claimed to have lost all that weight since they got the boot, but you couldn't tell as they still looked the same to the naked eye (half of them are at least 2/3 their starting weight). I'm pretty sure that Garry's second proposal to his wife on camera wasn't totally unplanned in advance, but it wasn't a bad one.

I don't really have anything to say about Bob and Jillian's Skype appearance other than, I didn't know they gave a shit.

As each of the finalists finally broke through the paper, I knew that Aaron (the Malaysian finalist) cannot possibly win because he pretty much looked the same size he was when he left Malacca. Of course you can't miss Sarimah's crack about him having the shortest commute to the finale. Martha the HK chick also didn't stand a chance, even if she spent all that time before the finale training in Thailand with Tony and Garry. And to be fair, she was also about the same size :P

The finalists' video packages were entertaining - trust the wives to make it more so. It was funny when Carlo's wife asked what happened to her teddy bear cos she now has an action figure, haha.

In the end, the real battle was between the Philippines and Indonesia with Carlo and David, which seems pretty close until David burst through the paper and I was like, "oh shit - the guy was so manorexic, he wins for sure", albeit looking worse than Carlo, who's still healthy looking.

The major downer for me was David winning the cash and the car (I wonder if they're actually shipping it to Indonesia?).

He looked so gaunt and scary there's no way that how he got there can be healthy. Quite frankly, I can't wait to hear that he's put back half the weight later down the road and when he finally gets back to work because he took leave to train 8-10 hours a day (which is not realistic) at the gym before the finale. Out of all the finalists, Carlo was the only one that didn't take a leave of absence from work for the finale and made the most of his limited gym time. Good man. I'm not the only one who wanted Carlo to win.

Speaking of Malaysians, the only Malaysian that won anything on that finale was one of the at-home contestants Zenny, who won USD12,000, as well as her trainer, who got a trip to Gold Coast, Australia (Air Asia for sure) and $1000 spending money. Nice.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Au revoir, nip/tuck

It seems so long ago when I started watching nip/tuck and watching the last few seasons feels like a chore, so I'm a little glad that the show stopped at Episode 100, enough for syndication.

It was so funny that their last patient was an aged Japanese porn star who died (like I didn't see that coming) doing what he loved... pun sorta intended.

I thought the loose ends tied up nicely, namely
  • Liz is finally made partner in the practice - McNamara/Troy/Cruz, but...
  • No more McNamara/Troy
  • Julia and the kids going to London - oh thank goodness...
  • Matt ends up with tranny Ava with his daughter Jenna - does the guy really not know that Ava used to be a dude? I could've sworn he knew back in the day and was okay with it.
It was so funny that the show ended up sort of like how it started - Christian picking some chick up at a bar, with him telling her that he's a plastic surgeon. I admit, it wasn't the greatest show finale, but it could also be a lot worse. My pet theory ending was that they'd end up an old gay couple together, but that's how Boston Legal ended, so...

nip/tuck is like that friend you had in elementary school that you used to hang out with all the time back then, but then you don't really keep in touch afters and that died a natural death without proper closure.

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