Thursday, January 15, 2015

While watching this year's Golden Globes..

Finally found some time to watch this year's Golden Globes ceremony.
  • Tina and Amy again. Hmm. 
  • Amy looks awfully orange..
  • I wonder if Cumberbatch practices his photobombing face..
  • That looks like a nice plate of desserts at the Girls table..
  • You know the seating is not so obviously fixed when a couple of the winners have to make their way from what seemed like the back of the room to accept their award (Joanna Froggatt from Downton Abbey and Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin).. 
  • Okay, I literally have no idea what is Prince doing there.. but have to give him props for not wearing a penguin suit.
  • Oh, Clive Owen and the shiny forehead :P
  • Haha, Ricky Gervais and his boozing XD
  • Too bad Emma Thompson isn't nominated for anything, she was a blast last year.
  • So didn't know Ruth Wilson is English. 
  • I'm glad The Grand Budapest Hotel won SOMETHING.

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