Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thoughts on the Late Late Show Guest Hosting So Far...

I'm such a masochist, I'm also watching the guest hosting stints on The Late Late Show out of habit. While I'm glad they didn't tear the old set down just yet, but sad that the faux fireplace is not where it is any more. 

Drew Carey: Not the first time he's done this (he and Craig swapped jobs once), but I'm still a bit thrown off by his eye line because it's really obvious that he's reading the teleprompter that's a little too high for him. Now I know why other shows have cue card guys who are low to the ground. That's just my niggle and he's also doing the last week before Corden's official start. The cold opens with his Price is Right announcer George Gray are pretty hilarious. 

The Talk hosts: I don't watch the show because I don't have the time nor the energy. It's just them on their own set, doing a "After Dark" version of their show. Sharon Osbourne is a hoot. But otherwise, I thought they were fine. 

Jim Gaffigan: (Did they take the kids out of school for a few days?) After just three days, I already can't get the kids' song out of my head... and not in a good way. Have to like that it was a family affair, with his wife Jeannie as co-host and his brood of FIVE kids as opening act/ushers/foils. But yeah, the self-promotion (of his upcoming TV show, albums, books and specials) is almost unbearable. Even the guests that were on are on his upcoming TV show. That said, the kids made it an adorable experience. 

As of this post, Judd Apatow is halfway through his guest hosting stint to end this week. 

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