Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Comic Standing

I sat through the entire summer season of NBC's resurrected and rejigged Last Comic Standing. I would've blogged about it sooner, but I wanted to see how the season played out first. Overall, I like parts of it, but other parts could be improved. 

First of all: Was I the only one that noticed the edit Rod Man was getting LONG BEFORE they made him this season's winner? I felt it was damn obvious and you know that he'll make it far in the competition whether you liked him or not. I can't fathom a guess as to what kind of show he'll be making with NBC with his development deal portion of his winnings. Personally, I would've been fine with any other finalist winning, but oh well.

Second: JB Smoove - not my favourite host. But that's just me, nothing against the guy. 

I don't know how many Americans know who Russell Peters before this season of Last Comic Standing. But nothing against him being a judge next to Roseanne and Keenen Ivory Wayans

What I liked:

  • The initial rounds being invitational and not for any Tom, Dick and Harry aspiring comics that aren't already working comics. Some of the initial 100 I've seen do their 5 minutes on the talk show circuit.
  • There's no public vote, which was I think how Felipe Esparza won the previous season even though I never found the guy particularly funny to begin with anyway. 
It's renewed for another season. So let's see how that goes.