Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prentiss's Departure (Spoiler)

If you've not seen this week's episode of Criminal Minds where Paget Brewster's character Emily Prentiss got written out of the show for this season, go watch it someplace and then come back. Really.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Google Person Finder

Just thought I'd put this up - spread the word!

Monday, March 14, 2011

America's Next Great Restaurant

Saw the pilot of America's Next Great Restaurant. Twenty semifinalists fly to LA to pitch their concepts to the judgvestors (I'm calling dibs on this portmanteau - it's faster than typing judges/investors) and also to cook samples from their menus for a place in the Top 10. 

The top prize is not too shabby - financial backing from the judgvestors to open restaurants in LA, New York and Minneapolis in several weeks, which is two more restaurants than usual. If the show feels familiar, it's produced by the same people behind Top Chef, except this show is on NBC and primarily hosted by Bobby Flay.
  • Didn't know the founder of Chipotle is a skinny white dude. You learn something new each day.
  • Some of the finalists' ideas are admittedly pretty stupid, so much so I totally forgot what they were even though I just saw it. Were those seriously the best ideas the producers found in the auditions?
  • They had the racist wing dude in for the drama - he wasn't going to go that far.
  • Minneapolis for the Midwestern market? Chicago would've been TOO obvious, I suppose.
  • Having the judgvestors use their own money is a great incentive for them to pick the right winner. I'm sure they won't give a damn if it wasn't their money. 
  • I didn't know Curtis Stone had money to invest in someone's restaurant :P
  • I have no idea why Curtis Stone is a judgvestor on this show. Apparently, neither does he. HAHA.
  • The Soupz lady was hilarious, and the cartoon voice helped that along its way.

I'd keep watching just because I'm such a reality show junkie.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bieber dies... on CSI (VIDEO)

I know it happened awhile ago and the moment's over, but I cannot be the only one that was happy to watch Justin Bieber gunned down on CSI a couple of weeks back, even if it didn't happen for real (oh, the rest of us can only dream). The good news is that there are more likes than dislikes on the videos posted on YouTube, haha. 

To be fair, he was playing a baddie on the show, so he got what he deserved (on the small screen).

Two and a Half Men spoof on House (VIDEO)

It wasn't the first time I saw this before I saw this week's episode of House - I don't know if it's bad timing on their part with the Charlie Sheen meltdown, or they really intended to poke fun at that whole situation.

While I'm not a huge fan of Two and a Half Men, but a spoof starring Hilson (House + Wilson) is hilarious - the straight man (Wilson), the not-so straight man (House) and kid (in this case, Cuddy's kid Rachel), even down to House in the bowling shirt (haha). It's hard to miss.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscars and STAR Movies - Really?!

Watching the STAR MOVIES pre-show with Lisa S and Jason Godfrey was annoying; mostly because it's a huge time suck. The Academy Awards are already long enough without the hour-long preshow where both hosts and special guests go on about their predictions and what not. Huge waste of time.
I've been wondering why James Franco and Anne Hathaway were picked as hosts for the Oscars, cos if they wanted to "appeal to a younger audience" they might as well had Miley and Bieber host the show :P But I'm a fan of Anne Hathaway, so no real complaints from me.
  • The mandatory "host(s)-digitally-inserted-into-nominated-movies" opening is a little stale, but you didn't expect them to include Back to the Future and also Grease.
  • A lot of the winners also happened to be first-time nominees. I'd hate to be the ones that have been snubbed time and again.*coughScorsesecough*
  • Justin Timberlake announcing that he was Banksy fell flat BIG time. Wrong show to "announce" that, perhaps?
  • James Franco just seems stoned the entire show.
  • I want what Anne Hathaway was on - she was totally the total opposite of Franco.
  • I never want to see James Franco in drag ever again - who's with me?
  • When Inception was winning the technical awards like sound mixing, etc, that is when I know that they won't be winning the big one (Best Picture). But good on the people that worked on the movie that won.
  • Some hilarious and amusing acceptance speeches, F-bomb excluded.
  • Has Oprah ever presented at the Oscars?
  • Nothing against Firth and Portman for winning Best Actor and Actress, respectively.
  • The closing with the singing kids was endearing, but having the night's winners all come out carrying their statues seem a tad obnoxious and the cute moment died right there. 
  • I thought Inception might win Best Motion Picture, but I'm okay with The King's Speech too. Just as long as it's not The Social-freaking-Network.
  • What happened to the ushers that would help the ladies up the stairs in their gowns? I only noticed because Natalie Portman's baby daddy had to help her up when she won the best actress award.
I thought the Oscars wasn't too bad, it's the STARWORLD preamble that I really don't care for.