Saturday, August 17, 2013

ANTM 2.0

ANTM, just when I thought I never have to watch you ever again, you finally bring in GUYS to compete with the ladies. Oh you so cruel. 

Not that I mind that erm, "twist" in the competition personally. I mean, they probably should've played that card a cycle or two ago. I'm kinda hoping the old ice cream man that Tyra found makes it further than it's edited to look. 

I thought the makeover was going to be dramafree dull until they brought in the waxer for the manscaping. Watching those guys wince from having their legs waxed was a funny sight to behold. 

I'm not sure having Tyra insert herself even more this cycle, being there doing makeup for them on the weekly shoots on top of the picking, judging, mentoring and... I forgot something. I know I'm missing something. I know it's her TV baby and all, but really... this is reality competition helicopter parenting, as far as I'm concerned.

As long they keep the ridonk out (I never want to see, hear or have to type "Pot Ledom" EVER AGAIN), I'm in for this cycle.