Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Biggest Loser Asia thoughts

Much as I like watching The Biggest Loser Asia as it first comes out on the Hallmark channel, it's also fun to see the conversation happening on the Facebook Fan Page - both good and bad.

I've haven't been watching the American one since each episode is two hours long. But at least I know they're 2 hours long plus commercials. The hour and 15 - 20 minute per episode of TBLA is a little odd and a little annoying - they can't even fix on the length of the show. If it wasn't for the ads, they could really trim it down to an hour.

But I have to agree with some posters that it was sweet revenge to see David crying after having to vote off one of the former Blue team because the last Red Army guy standing Carlo was Biggest Loser of the week. (He looked the part, too.)

I usually root for the Malaysian contestant in these regional versions of American reality competition shows, but I also go for the underdog in the show. Of course it would be nice to see the last Malaysian standing (Aaron) win, but we'll have to see how it goes.

There's contests giving away tickets to see the finale in Malaysia, one of the first is the one on Hallmark Channel Asia Facebook fan page where you had to make a guess (when it was still 6 - 7 people left, so it's anyone's game lah really) as to who would make the finale. I made my guess, but I have to wonder: would they give locals the free accommodation and spending money? LOL.


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