Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thoughts While Watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

After months of waiting, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert finally kicked off this week after the long Labour Day weekend. Not to mention the reveals of the new website, podcast, sneak peaks of the revamped Ed Sullivan Theater, the TV promos, interviews, the rest of it over the months, IT'S FINALLY HERE!
  • Okay, so he sang the national anthem with a bunch of people around the country, which he could've done while doing the press tour he mentioned on the podcast... 
  • Either they don't have money for an announcer, or he likes doing his own announcing...
  • Hey, it's Jon Stewart! (Also noticed that he's also in the credits as Executive Producer...).
  • The monologue is hilariously on point.
  • Having Les Moonves with the show switch rig is pretty funny, considering The Mentalist ended its run months ago. 
  • Nice (and HUGE) video walls.
  • Some props from his old set made it!
  • The stain glass look on the theater ceiling is also pretty epic.
  • Nice of Fallon to show up, even in the end in the late night host locker room (haha).
  • For a show that ran two hours long at taping, I could've done without the 5-minute segment about Trump and his Cookie Monster-esque Oreo bingeing. 
  • Was kind of hoping was up and running.
  • The hummus plugging segment was erm, okay, I guess...
  • At least Clooney is the  first guest and not, say, Will Ferrell  :P
  • I didn't know Tiffany & Co made paperweights...? But they do (and they're so pretty...!). The "I Don't Know You" engraving just about slayed me. 
  • So adorable that his family was also in the audience. 
  • Didn't recognise any of the people in the final musical number.
No wonder the show ran long and had to trim two hours down to less than half the time...