Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kors out, Posen in?

Just as we're getting into the swing of the current season of Project Runway: All Stars, news broke out that Michael Kors will be stepping down as full time (or permanent) Project Runway judge due to "scheduling issues" (I wonder if it's code for anything, or he just wants more time to travel around to inspect/attend store openings overseas...or does he know something the rest of us doesn't?). All the other headlines you read about it online make it sound like he got fired, and not that he just doesn't have time to do the show. Besides, he's supposed to be back for the next season finale, so he won't stay away for good.

His snarky insights will be missed (some), but I know I won't miss seeing the Oompa Loopa skin tone on there anytime soon.

I can't wait to see what Zac Posen brings to that erm, table next season. 

PS. I read that next season is gonna be mostly team challenges? If that's true, I would hate to be a contestant on THAT season.

Thoughts On: Next Iron Chef: Redemption

Finally sat through an entire season of Next Iron Chef Redemption; I just finished the finale and I'm glad Guarnaschelli won. I did have my concerns about Iron Chef Zakarian being on the judging panel this past season because she is usually one of his sous chefs whenever he gets called to battle. But he seems pretty objective, for all intents and purposes.

Only bothered to watch this season to see which of the former Next Iron Chef rejects were coming back. At least Spike wasn't the first booted this time round and Marcel made it to the final four, but I seriously doubt that Food Network would let Top Chef alum be Iron Chefs. Prove me wrong, Food Network.

She's only like the second female Iron Chef ever. I hope to see her first battle soon.

If there's ever a next season, who's going to compete? You would think they ran out of people already... I'm ready to be surprised.