Friday, February 17, 2017

Watching Queer Eye in 2017

When a Netflix revival of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was announced a few weeks ago, I had the same thoughts most people had, like...

  • Who's gonna be the new Fab Five? Because those guys are busy these days, especially Ted Allen. 
  • How much retooling is gonna be done to the show's format? 
Anyway, someone on YouTube uploaded episodes of the old show into a convenient playlist and I've been watching the odd episode or two when I felt like it for the last week or two. When the show first came out (haha) I was about college age, but there's some things then that when I watch the show now, made me go, "so THAT'S where I got that idea from...". 

Here's some thoughts I had watching the first season of Queer Eye in 2017...
  • The opening credits are cheesy then, is still cheesy now.
  • Why are they always running to the guy's front door? Have to give props to Ted for keeping up with the young 'uns, haha.
  • This show predates the show Hoarders.
  • Seriously, there's no way Thom did those guys' houses all by himself, and certainly not in a few days they had. Particularly the decluttering and purging stage. It's just as well that it's not always Thom doing the purging bit.
  • Now wonder the black guy got the can. 
  • Kyan has a real plum job: not only accompanying the straight guys to the massages, but also joining in on the fun as well. Must be nice, getting paid to get a massage on camera. 
  • OMG Ted Allen still looks the same now as he did in the early 2000s... 😲
Some of the tips and tricks held up over time, others didn't... like Von Dutch. 

I don't know when the revival is coming out, but I'll watch it for nostalgia's sake. 

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