Monday, January 21, 2013

Thoughts on...Asia's Next Top Model

This is after attempting to catch first airings (not sure who would bother uploading these on YouTube okay, you can find full episodes on the official YouTube channel...) of the nine episodes aired (as of this week)... I definitely missed a few, especially the makeover part, which I enjoy a little too much because it's fun to see some people's bad reactions to getting their hair cut short.
  • There's a good mix of contestants - not too many people from the same places from the same countries, etc. Considering how many countries in this part of the world does not have its own Top Model show, that is.
  • Can't help but snigger at some of these contestants' names, but I give Bei Si props for not picking her own English name (if her parents already hadn't) to go by in the competition.
  • The blatant sponsor placement was a bit atrocious, but an evil necessity.
  • Despite it being shot in Singapore, the Malaysian in me was gleeful that the Singaporean got booted first.
  • There's a whole lot of fainting and panic attacks going on :P
  • After watching America's Next Top Model judging go cray cray in recent cycles, it took some getting used to watching this panel really take things seriously.
  • I think the producers' idea of "must also understand and speak English" is a lot looser than my own interpretation.
  • To all the people who complained about how the half-white people are still in the competition - about half the eliminated contestants don't exactly fulfill the previous point.