Friday, March 18, 2016

Thoughts While Watching the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Pilot

After almost a year since the yuuggge crossover/backdoor pilot from last season's Criminal Minds, their second attempt at a Criminal Minds franchise finally got started, and that was Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

As to be expected, they made some cast changes in the months between the backdoor pilot and this pilot - Anna Gunn got cut, Annie Funke and Alana De La Garza got added... There would be a revolt if Daniel Henney got cut, so thankfully for everyone he's still on the show. 
  • Of everyone from the mothership show, they could only get Joe Mantegna to cameo in the first five minutes of the show? Okay, then.
  • Wait, so IRT is also based out of Virginia like the BAU, right? 
  • I know it's a calculated move on their part that Simmons's first appearance on screen be him doing that obstacle course :P 
  • There's something about Daniel Henney that doesn't convince me that his character is a father of four young children. Too well rested, perhaps? 
  • If you thought the BAU's private jet was fancy, the IRT's jet is so MASSIVE and IMPRESSIVE that they can transport both a bike and a SUV in there O.o 
  • More jet scenes please! 
  • Did they get their Thailand B-roll from The Amazing Race, existing stock footage, or did they shoot their own B-roll?
  • Their "Thailand" set is clearly some dressed up backlot - there's something about the sky that clearly does not look like Thailand AT ALL.
  • I suppose if I was Mae, I would rather get on the back of the bike with Simmons in the rain than to ride in the SUV to be a lamp post between the boss-man and Clara :P 
  • You have to admit that Monty has a tough time, what with having to deal with victims' families AND still be the black, male Garcia of Beyond Borders
  • Dumb question: What does one do with a challenge coin? 
The pilot was, IMO, rough, borderline cringeworthy to watch, but that's more to do with the writing than the performances. My inner sucker will keep watching to see if it gets better. 

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