Thursday, March 24, 2016

Shemar Moore Leaves Criminal Minds

Every time news about someone leaving the show Criminal Minds erupts, the fandom just go nuts. You would think people would get used to it by now because there's always someone coming and going every year... 

This year, one of the OG cast members Shemar Moore is finally moving on from the show, having been there pretty much since the beginning, all those years ago. Which is a shocker to fans (even me) because we're only finding this out recently (apparently it was also teased on his Instagram account, which I wouldn't know because I don't follow the guy there). And the show gave him three episodes for his exit, which is pretty generous, considering how abruptly other people get written out over the show's run.

I personally had never given two hoots about him or his character, but I don't begrudge the guy his popularity amongst the fandom. But knowing the show, we'll be hearing about Morgan's replacement before the new season starts in the fall, because I don't see Matthew Gray Gubler stepping in as BAU's resident muscle man :P 

I haven't seen Morgan's last episode myself yet, but from what I've read about it, it seems like a decent send off for a longtime cast member. And at least he wasn't killed off..? 

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