Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thoughts While Watching Michael Weatherly Leave NCIS

Another long running CBS show, another OG cast member leaves. 

Unlike Shemar Moore's surprise exit announcement from Criminal Minds that gave the Baby Girl portion of the CM fandom little time to process/grieve/whatever, TPTB at NCIS made sure fans had time to process Michael Weatherly's departure at the end of the past season, which was announced some time ago.  

Of course the NCIS fandom (me included) had their guesses as to how Weatherly would be written out of the show: he finally gets the cajones to lead his own team, go off to be with Ziva... I wasn't expecting Ziva to show up, at any rate. The good news is that they didn't kill him off, despite his numerous close deaths on the show (notably, the bubonic plague in the first season). 

But if anyone guessed that a Tiva offspring would springboard DiNozzo's exit, props to you. 

You have to admit, the look on his face when he found out he and Ziva have a kid together was just priceless.

But having the kid know who her "Aba" was in the picture was also just as priceless.
Fans will miss the goofball, but if they manage to write Reeves in as a new series regular, I think fans would like him about as much. 

As far as I'm concerned, DiNozzo's most badass moment was him shooting the bad guys as he ran through the port, threw the gun aside before diving in to save Gibbs in the car. 

Anyone else shed tears watching this episode?

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