Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TNT axe strikes again - Renewals and Cancellations

While I'm glad that Major Crimes is getting a fifth season (yay!), but finding out that Agent X is getting burned (haha) is a little bittersweet because with most shows not broadcasting new episodes until next year, I started catching up on Agent X (which is only 7 episodes so far since it started in November). 

On the other hand, I'm surprised Sean Bean lasted this long - TWO WHOLE SEASONS OF LEGENDS?! Wow... 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Goodbye, The Soup

To say I was sad when I read that The Soup was ending after over 20 years would be an understatement. And on such short notice too - it's ending in about a month! Even other shows gave longer notices than that!

Where else can I ogle at Joel McHale (and his ever changing facial hair) as he makes fun of TV shows so that the rest of us doesn't have to? I will also miss Lou the dog (his recent appearances have been amusing).

This Instagram post that the show put up described the fan reaction best...

A photo posted by The Soup (@thesouptv) on

I can relate, Lou :(

I guess now I really have no reason to watch E! any more..

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Goodbye, Mythbusters

It was one of two shows on the Discovery Channel worth watching (for me), the other being Dirty Jobs... until it got cancelled. I was a little sad about that for a while... until I recently found out about Somebody's Gotta Do It on CNN, so yay!

But I digress. 

I suppose it was a matter of time when the show went back to its Adam-and-Jamie-only roots (how many people remembered those days?) and with its irregular scheduling, etc (seriously, when is it actually on?). 12, 13 years is a pretty long time for a show like this (even if you take into account what they say about Adam and Jamie's off-screen relationship). 

It might have been a surprise to fans like myself who just found out, but since they (the show) already knew of this beforehand, I presume that they already have a way to bow out in a manner befitting the show. 

I am curious to see how they end this.

Goodbye, Mythbusters - you will be missed by this fan. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

America's Next Top Model finally getting cut

After 22 seasons/cycles, ANTM is (finally) getting cancelled/not renewed. Like most people, I thought it would go on forever... much like SVU at this point :P

Personally, I'm not that sorry to see it go as I think it's run its course some time ago (since they let the Internet trolls... er, fans factor in during judging). But I still am gonna watch it to the bitter end. 

There's only a handful of shows from the 2000s that are still on in 2015, like Survivor and The Amazing Race.

I suppose if this means I never have to be subjected to Tyra's crazy ideas for her brand like the "Pot Ledom" nonsense (thankfully, the last time I'll ever have to type that), and her most recent Avon/Mary Kay/MLM-esque cosmetics line which I'm not gonna repeat the name of because I already forgot.

As much as I wouldn't mind it if hearing-impaired Nyle wins this cycle, but I don't feel the winner's edit with him so much? 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thoughts While Watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

After months of waiting, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert finally kicked off this week after the long Labour Day weekend. Not to mention the reveals of the new website, podcast, sneak peaks of the revamped Ed Sullivan Theater, the TV promos, interviews, the rest of it over the months, IT'S FINALLY HERE!
  • Okay, so he sang the national anthem with a bunch of people around the country, which he could've done while doing the press tour he mentioned on the podcast... 
  • Either they don't have money for an announcer, or he likes doing his own announcing...
  • Hey, it's Jon Stewart! (Also noticed that he's also in the credits as Executive Producer...).
  • The monologue is hilariously on point.
  • Having Les Moonves with the show switch rig is pretty funny, considering The Mentalist ended its run months ago. 
  • Nice (and HUGE) video walls.
  • Some props from his old set made it!
  • The stain glass look on the theater ceiling is also pretty epic.
  • Nice of Fallon to show up, even in the end in the late night host locker room (haha).
  • For a show that ran two hours long at taping, I could've done without the 5-minute segment about Trump and his Cookie Monster-esque Oreo bingeing. 
  • Was kind of hoping was up and running.
  • The hummus plugging segment was erm, okay, I guess...
  • At least Clooney is the  first guest and not, say, Will Ferrell  :P
  • I didn't know Tiffany & Co made paperweights...? But they do (and they're so pretty...!). The "I Don't Know You" engraving just about slayed me. 
  • So adorable that his family was also in the audience. 
  • Didn't recognise any of the people in the final musical number.
No wonder the show ran long and had to trim two hours down to less than half the time...

Friday, June 12, 2015

Where we last left off...

So... Letterman's last show. Haven't been watching the show for a number of years now. How long ago? Put it this way - the last time I bothered to follow the show, he was still making fun of Stephanie Birkitt, his erm, intern. I thought the last show was okay - I really enjoyed the Foo Fighters at the end, playing Everlong under the 6 minute supercut of show highlights.

So they gutted the Ed Sullivan Theater for Colbert's Late Show in September. 

With about three months to go, Colbert's finally resurfaced to get buzz for the show on: the Colbeard is gone (?), there's a website, a podcast, we finally know who his bandleader/musical director (?) will be... 

I can't wait for September.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trevor Noah, New Daily Show Host?

After many weeks of speculation (which felt pretty long, compared to the events of last year's late night chaos), the search for Jon Stewart's replacement has finally concluded, and they went with the South African comic Trevor Noah. I'm okay with this development like how I was okay with with news of Jon Stewart finally stepping down from The Daily Show. I thought I read somewhere that he was reluctant to give up his standup comedy touring, or perhaps not? At least it's not another middle-aged white guy, amiright?

With all the natural heirs to TDS already upped and left (you know which ones), it was slim pickings from the current stable of correspondents. I didn't really think that either Jason Jones or Samantha Bee had a shot of taking over anyway, which is just as well that they're both leaving (Jason did as of last week). Jessica Williams is self aware enough to pre-emptively take herself out of the running early on. I really can't see any of the others taking over, familiar faces or not. All the other names bandied about was about as ludicrous as the next. So what's wrong with a South African guy taking over? John Oliver's doing a hilarious job on HBO. 

At least now there'll be men of colour in Comedy Central's late night lineup... now I can't wait to see the rejigged Daily Show later in the year.