Friday, June 12, 2015

Where we last left off...

So... Letterman's last show. Haven't been watching the show for a number of years now. How long ago? Put it this way - the last time I bothered to follow the show, he was still making fun of Stephanie Birkitt, his erm, intern. I thought the last show was okay - I really enjoyed the Foo Fighters at the end, playing Everlong under the 6 minute supercut of show highlights.

So they gutted the Ed Sullivan Theater for Colbert's Late Show in September. 

With about three months to go, Colbert's finally resurfaced to get buzz for the show on: the Colbeard is gone (?), there's a website, a podcast, we finally know who his bandleader/musical director (?) will be... 

I can't wait for September.

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