Thursday, August 18, 2011

Franklin & Bash - 2011's Boston Legal?

Finally found the time over the weekend to watch the brand new lawyer show on TNT, Franklin & Bash starring Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (MPG). The first season is only 10 episodes, so it wasn't all that hard to catch up.

The gist of the show is that two young crazy lawyers, Jared Franklin (Meyer) and Peter Bash (Gosselaar) who got hired by the eccentric name partner of a famous law firm (Infeld Daniels), Stanton Infeld (played by Malcolm McDowell) to shake things up after watching their court theatrics to win a case. Does the description sound vaguely familiar to anyone? Anyone? 

If you guessed Boston Legal, points to you...! Sadly, no prizes. 

I've not seen MPG in a show since Saved by the Bell. And I've only ever seen Breckin Meyer in the live action Garfield movies and perhaps heard his voice on Robot Chicken. That's about it for me. You would think that MPG would be the obvious choice for the crazier, worse womaniser than Meyer, but no. It's hard shifting that gear to see Breckin Meyer as the crazy one.

Things I like about Franklin & Bash
  • Because it's on cable, the language that they get away with is... woah. Okay, I haven't heard anyone being called "scrotum face" or "dickwad" on TV for awhile. 
  • Flash of bare ass in the pilot episode - not that I care, it's just something worth mentioning.
  • It is a little funny and kind of filled the hole that Boston Legal left.
  • The tee shirts that Kumail Nanjiani's agoraphobe character wears are hilarious.
  • "Bro bono"
It is a legal dramedy for the dude set.

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